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Do you like to push the body to its limits and hold a lot of muscle tension as a result? Do you work out regularly or take part in activities such as running, climbing, cycling or sports? Are you recovering from an injury and would like to get your physical ability back on track? Or do you simply hold a lot of tension due to daily life and work? Then this is the massage for you!

Deep Tissue massage is an invigorating treatment utilising deep pressure particularly on fatigued, tight and over-worked muscles. Sports Massage Therapy, combined with Deep Tissue work, focuses on specific musculoskeletal & soft tissue tension and injuries, aiding rehabilitation, reducing pain and improving flexibility.

I use special neuro-muscular techniques & advanced levels of stretching, along with deep tissue massage, to allow the body to return to optimum levels. This is also for those who work-out, Sports people and Athletes in training, pre-or post event, as well as following a sports injury.

Benefits include


  • Great for enhancing performance and for minimizing the risk of injury  before and after sports, other physical activities and those in recovery  following sports injury
  • Great for maintenance – a bit like giving your car a regular service!
    Targets areas of tension, pain and stiffness in the muscles and joints, improving flexibility
  • Drains lactic acid, reducing muscular pain & fatigue
  • Allows muscles to warm up, release, revive and recover from the demands of daily life or sports activities
  • Improves muscle tone & general circulation in the tissues
  • Kick-starts the body’s healing mechanisms

deep tissue leg massage
Please note: While you can get a great massage in 60 mins, a 90 minute session is recommended for a deep-tissue full-body massage especially if particular focused attention is needed in specific areas such as the back and shoulders or the legs.

All massage treatments can be tailored to suit you and the first treatment will include a full consultation to ensure we treat the areas affecting you – please get in touch to discuss your needs and to book. On-going sessions are recommended if you engage in regular sports activities.

Member of the IMTA approved for health insurance purposes by the following insurance companies***

Pricing, Location & Booking

All massage treatments with me cost :

  • €65 for 60 mins
  • €85 for 90 mins
  • Buy any 4 get 5th FREE!

For your convenience you can pay by card (or cash of course!). Your first treatment will include a full consultation to ensure it meets your specific needs and you can relax and enjoy time just for YOU!

Click on BOOK NOW for an appointment at The Natural Clinic, 23 Sullivan’s Quay, Cork City. If no suitable time is available please GET IN TOUCH and we’ll arrange a slot to suit you at my alternative therapy space at Fitzgerald Place, Old Blackrock Rd – just 10 mins walk from Cork City.

FREE TREATMENT when you buy a course!


Meaning you can enjoy a free TREATMENT worth up to €85 EURO!

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Terms & Conditions

*Terms and Conditions of Course Voucher – BUY 4 GET 5TH FREE VOUCHER: 4x treatments must be pre-paid at full-price (€260 4x 60 mins or €340 4x 90 mins). All vouchers are valid for 3 calendar months from date of purchase. You can choose from ANY of the treatments on offer with me. Free 5th treatment can be claimed as a one-off treatment or the 60 mins can be added to another pre-paid treatment eg. Add 30 mins to 2x 60 min pre-paid treatments. Cancellation policy – at least 24 hours notice must be given if cancelling or amending your appointment or the relevant treatment voucher will be considered as redeemed and used.

***NB. Insurance claims are subject to the specific terms and conditions of your policy. I will provide accredited receipt after your treatment for you to make the claim directly from your insurer.