Reflexology for Fertility

A Reflexology treatment balances, stimulates and kick-starts many systems in the body through gentle pressure on reflex points on the feet including those relating to the reproductive organs and the endocrine (hormonal) glands, promoting greater health, balance and energy in these areas. Reflexology for Fertility treatments are suitable for both men and women and studies show they can potentially help couples who have been unable to conceive during this complex and emotional process, and it’s well documented that sub-fertility levels are affecting both men and women in equal number.

Benefits include

Some of the key benefits already listed on the main About Reflexology page can potentially go a long way to helping your body and mind deal with something as complex and emotional as fertility issues – for example :

  • Stress reduction and deep relaxation by stimulating the body’s own “self-soothing” system (the parasympathetic nervous system)
  • Kick-starts the body’s healing mechanisms and systems promoting healing and cellular regeneration
  • Balances and improves the flow of energy through the body therefore improving systems that may be sluggish such as circulation, metabolism, hormones or digestion.

In addition the following specific fertility conditions may respond well to Reflexology:

For women:

  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) where a woman’s sex hormones are out of balance which can lead to benign cysts on the ovaries. This then causes issues with her menstrual cycle and fertility
  • Endometriosis – causing menstrual pain
  • Irregular periods
  • Ovulation
  • Stress related fertility issues and the anxiety around fertility

For Men:

  • Low sperm count or decreased sperm mobility
  • Prostate gland problems
  • Low levels of testosterone (hypogonadism)
  • Stress related fertility issues and the anxiety around fertility

Blog “Is Reflexology the New Cure for Infertility?”

Click here to read this article as featured in my recent Blog from the Mail Online with news of an exciting study in the UK based on successful pregnancies following courses of Reflexology at an IVF clinic.

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Pricing, Location & Booking

All Reflexology treatments with me cost :

  • €65 for 60 mins
  • €85 for 90 mins
  • Buy a course of any 4 treatments, get 5th FREE!

For your convenience you can pay by card (or cash of course!). Your first treatment will include a full consultation to ensure it meets your specific needs and you can relax and enjoy time just for YOU!


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Terms & Conditions

*Terms and Conditions of Course Voucher – BUY 4 GET 5TH FREE VOUCHER: 4x treatments must be pre-paid at full-price (€260 4x 60 mins or €340 4x 90 mins). All vouchers are valid for 3 calendar months from date of purchase. You can choose from ANY of the treatments on offer with me. Free 5th treatment can be claimed as a one-off treatment or the 60 mins can be added to another pre-paid treatment eg. Add 30 mins to 2x 60 min pre-paid treatments. Cancellation policy – at least 24 hours notice must be given if cancelling or amending your appointment or the relevant treatment voucher will be considered as redeemed and used.

***NB. Insurance claims are subject to the specific terms and conditions of your policy. I will provide accredited receipt after your treatment for you to make the claim directly from your insurer.