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It’s well reported that stress is the cause of around 75% of all illnesses and that burnout, stress and anxiety in the workplace has become a global epidemic and can have serious effects on our health, self-esteem and work-life balance. Employees can experience a wide range of health issues that can impact negatively on their body and mind – and, of course, their wellbeing and performance at work. This can often lead to physical symptoms, anxiety and poor work/life balance as well as high levels of absence due to sickness, low staff retention and poor morale. This is highlighted in the report below published in The Irish Examiner “82% of Irish workers stressed”.

How can massage benefit our workplace?

At YOUR workplace would you like to see……?  

  • Less stress and a happier, healthier workplace
  • Less absence due to illness
  • Improved postural issues such as sore and stiff back, neck & shoulders
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased morale and motivation
  • You and your colleagues feeling more valued in the workplace
  • Improved staff retention rates
  • Better work/life balance
  • FEEL GREAT and ready to face the busy week ahead!

Then WORKPLACE MASSAGE is an extremely enjoyable, effective and affordable solution that brings profoundly positive results!

Workplace chair & grass (2)I am trained and insured in On-Site Massage and Stress-Management techniques specially designed for the workplace. Only 20 minutes of massage can provide a profound sense of wellbeing and significantly reduce physical aches, pains and tension – and can leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and recharged for the rest of the busy day!

My many years of teaching Tai Chi, Meditation and Mindfulness also mean I offer Workplace Wellness Programmes specifically tailored to the needs of YOUR workplace – including Tai Chi and Meditation, “Chi-lax” Workshops as well as Massage. Click above or go to the drop-down menu for more details.

Fuss-Free and Affordable

Workplace massage is given fully-clothed on a specialised massage chair and just a 15 minute session – for example, during a break or lunch hour – can bring enormous benefits to staff health and wellbeing.

Chair MassageComing to your workplace eg. for a few hours a week, I bring everything required to you. A suitable location could be a small meeting room or the corner of an office, canteen or factory space using a screen I can bring along for privacy.

After their first workplace massage, employees will also be offered a discount voucher for a treatment with me at my therapy room in Cork city. And if their health insurance covers massage, they can make a claim towards paid treatments!

The cost is €60 per hour – that’s only €15 for a 15 minute massage and the benefits are priceless! This could be funded or part-subsidised by the employer or paid for by individuals – whatever suits your circumstances.

Please get in touch now to discuss how Workplace Wellness and Massage can be tailored to suit the specific needs of YOUR organisation!

“82% of Irish workers stressed” – The Irish Examiner, Sept 2015.

{Click the link above to read original article}

“Over 80% of employees are suffering increased stress levels, according to a new survey and the stress has a knock-on effect on workplace morale, productivity and company staffing.

Research by international human resources consultancy Mercer shows that ………more than 60% of those surveyed would welcome and value their employer doing more to help with dealing with stressed employees.“Employers who proactively look to provide support and resources to help staff manage stress will see dividends in terms of improved productivity and morale and lower staff turnover,” said Mercer partner Niall O’Callaghan.

……… It found that 82% of those questioned here said they face increased stress at work. That figure is well above the 74% of workers with the same complaint in Britain.”

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