“Hello! I’m Michelle Gupta - Holistic Therapist & Instructor
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Your health is your greatest wealth” – Mahatma Gandhi

“I’m Michelle and I’m delighted to have supported the health and wellbeing of my lovely therapies clients and Tai Chi students since 2010!”


THANK YOU for visiting me at embodyharmony.com! Here are the LATEST UPDATES on my services !

I’m delighted to confirm that treatments will resume in July 2021 at my comfy and convenient therapy room in the heart of Cork City on Tues/Weds/Thurs!!
To make an appointment pls email embodyharmony@gmail.com or call/text +353 86 878 5212. 
Due to on-going Covid restrictions my Tai Chi and Mediation classes are still on-hold. I’m hoping to resume weekly classes in September 2021 but am awaiting announcements. Please “watch this space”………….!!
The GOOD NEWS is my that my all-inclusive LUXURY TAI CHI & MEDITATION WEEKENDS in Wexford are full-steam ahead this August, September & November 2021 and places are filling up fast!!! For all details and to pay your deposit to secure your spot pls click HERE !

Take care and see you soon – Michelle x



I’m here to help you relax, recharge and reduce the stresses of modern life and the negative effects on your health and wellbeing. My unique training and experience make me the best person to help you be KIND to your body and mind. (ITEC, FETAC, Irish Mindfulness Institute, Master Jason Chan). Based on my own journey towards empowering my own health and happiness, I’m a passionate believer in the profoundly positive and healing effects of human touch and the power of a peaceful, present mind and am so glad to be able to share some wonderful treatments and practices with you……..Read My Story below to explain why my own personal experiences have inspired me to create Embody Harmony and make Health, Harmony & Happiness a Way of Life!

I’d love to hear from you to discuss your needs and how we can make time just for YOU. Please get in touch to arrange an appointment at my comfortable and convenient therapy room in the heart of Cork City and please join me at one of my Tai Chi and Meditation Classes , Workshops and retreats .

So what makes me the right person to help you?

As a highly experienced, ITEC-qualified Holistic Therapist, I provide a wide range of nourishing treatments in the heart of Cork City including:

In addition, I have many years of training and teaching experience in the Mindful arts of Tai Chi & Meditation – please join me at :

Please select from the drop-down menu and get in touch now to discuss your needs and book a session or class with me in Cork so you can experience the healing and relaxation you need. Select from the drop-down menus to find out more about my services, treatments and classes.

My Story

M-Gupta-picTurn the clock back over 10 years to when I was a high-flying but extremely hectic and stressed-out Fashion Buyer based in London……..I had a long commute, a 12 hour day and a healthy enough bank balance but my personal ‘health-wealth account’ was severely depleted and alarmingly in the red! And no matter how hard I worked or how much cash I had, I realised it was all pointless if my health – physical, psychological and spiritual – was suffering as a result. I also realised that the journey towards self-care and kindness starts with ME and set out to make conscious and positive changes. Consequently, in my efforts to listen to the needs of the “real me” and be kinder to my busy body and manic mind, I discovered the healing, energising and life-affirming effects of human touch through Massage and Reflexology. And the benefits of the mindful arts of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation. 

I have since given up my stressful Fashion career and retrained in new skills such as teaching and therapies. The last 10+ years of training, retreats and daily practice have enabled me to enjoy a healthier, happier pace of life. I have also been very proud to work with The Cork Cancer Support Centre (formerly The Girls Club Cork) – an inspiring cancer support charity – and offer specific treatments to help those going through any stage throughout the journey of cancer.

A combination of my own struggles, life-changing experiences and the help of supportive teachers, friends, family and inspiring clients and students I have met along the way, have ALL motivated me to create Embody Harmony and help others to make Health, Harmony and Happiness a Way of Life. And just for fun…..I enjoy walks by the sea, live music, travelling, taking part in an improvised theatre group and cooking curry and apple crumble for my friends!!!

I’d love to hear from you – please get in touch to discuss how we can start to make YOUR health your wealth! – Michelle x