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FREE Treatment Consultation

Would you like to take the next step towards trying a nourishing and relaxing Massage Therapy or Reflexology treatment with me at The Natural Clinic? My website has lots of useful info but you might still have questions about which treatment is right for you? Why not sign up for a FREE 15 minute Treatment Consultation. We’ll discuss YOUR needs in an informal, friendly chat – either over the phone or online. There’s no obligation to book an appointment and if my wide range of treatments don’t suit you then I’ll probably know someone whose practices might be right!

FREE Mini-Mindfulness session

Are you inspired by what you’ve seen on the About Tai Chi & Meditation page and would like to sample a taster of what you’ll experience in one of my Classes, Workshops, Personalized Mindfulness sessions or as part of Workplace Wellness? Then try a FREE 15 minute Mini-Mindfulness session with me online! In the comfort of your own home we can connect online and I’ll take you through a Mindful Breathing exercise and your choice of a guided meditation or some gentle tai chi movements. No experience necessary and no obligation to book classes.