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About Touch: Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around” – Leo Buscaglia

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If you are going through ANY stage of cancer treatment – be it diagnosis, examinations and tests, surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy as well as post-treatment recovery – you’ll probably be feeling like you’ve lost control of life – physically, emotionally and psychologically – and that life will never be the same again. You might feel that every time someone touches you it will be painful and traumatic, in a sterile, medical environment and involve all manner of chemicals and devices – a very dehumanising experience. Maybe you are also experiencing the extremely distressing process of hair loss in addition to all the other side-effects of treatment and surgery?

You need not go through this experience alone and have to give up something as fundamentally relaxing and healing as a massage. Touch Therapy is a safe, soothing and supportive way to help you cope with the side-effects of cancer treatment.

I’m here to help you feel like a person again – not a patient – at this very difficult time in your life and will tailor your treatment to your needs holistically and it will be time dedicated just to you and your individual, specific needs.

My experience working alongside The Cork Cancer Support Centre (formerly the Girls Club Cork) – a wonderful cancer support charity – plus my specialized training in both Oncology Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Massage, means that I am uniquely placed to offer you a massage during ALL stages of cancer treatment and recovery.

Yes! You CAN-CERtainly have a soothing and safeTouch Therapy Massage treatment

What is Touch Therapy Massage?

Touch Therapy Massage for cancer care (also known as Oncology Massage) is a unique form of massage designed to sooth the side-effects of your cancer treatment – NOT the cancer itself. It utilizes the incredible healing power of human touch in a way that helps you feel comfortable, safe and supported, in a peaceful and non-medical environment – empowering you to feel like “yourself” again. See below for the many soothing benefits.

Part of your massage treatment may also require Lymphatic Drainage Massage – click on the link or select from the drop-down menu to find out more. Surgical procedures involving lymph node examination or removal – such as breast cancer surgery – can cause limbs to swell. Also when you are going through or recovering from chemotherapy the body’s immune system can be severely affected and you may have long periods of time when you are inactive – also causing swelling.

It is a complementary treatment that in NO WAY replaces the treatment and medication you receive from your professional Oncology Doctor and Care Team. It’s important that you advise your specialist team that you intend to have a massage and I will run through a detailed consultation with you regarding your cancer and its treatment.

You can rest assured that your massage treatment will include a detailed consultation and will be tailored to suit you – please get in touch to discuss your needs and to book an appointment. Extra time will need to be allowed during your first treatment for the consultation.



How can Touch Therapy Massage help me?

It can help to sooth the often painful, distressing and uncomfortable side-effects resulting from cancer treatment and bring profound benefits such as:

  • Relief from fatigue and headaches – improved sleep and energy levels and healing process as well as greater capacity to exercise and go about day-to-day life
  • Relieves anxiety, stress and depression – bringing about deep relaxation by stimulating the body’s own “self-soothing” system (the parasympathetic nervous system)
  • Bring relief from sore hands and feet – also known as “Hand-foot Syndrome” a skin reaction caused by certain chemotherapies.
  • Eases constipation through very gentle touch and relaxation
  • Soothes aches, pains, tension and stiffness in the joints and muscles – often brought about by holding the body in a certain position for long periods of time during cancer treatment – improving generally flexibility
  • Reduce the pain and stiffness caused by lymphatic cording (also known as Axillary Web Syndrome) resulting from lymph node removal under the arms.

FAQ’s –

Q: Will massage make the cancer spread?

A: No – “Some people believe you shouldn’t have a massage if you’ve had or have cancer because there’s a risk of moving cancer cells from one part of the body to another. There’s no evidence to support this idea”- Quote from Complimentary Therapies Booklet – Breast Cancer Care UK.

Q: Is it safe for me to have a massage if I’ve had lymph nodes examined or removed?

A: Yes – because I am trained in Lymphatic Drainage Massage and will NOT be working on the affected area in any way that could cause or worsen lymph oedema (swelling). To find out more about Lymphatic Drainage Massage click on the link or select from the drop-down menu.

Q: Can I have a massage if I’ve had surgery or radiotherapy?

A: Yes – The area directly affected by surgery or radiotherapy will NOT be massaged.

Q: Can I have a massage if I’m undergoing chemotherapy treatment?

A: Yes – Touch Therapy can be given before, during and after your chemo sessions and the area where you have devices or needles inserted will not be massaged.

Q: Do I need to ask permission from my Oncology Specialist before I have a Touch Therapy Massage?

A: No – you do not need to seek permission but you should let your Doctor and Care Team know that you intend to have a treatment. Touch Therapy in NO WAY replaces the treatment and medication you receive from your professional Oncology Doctor and Care Team.

Hear from those who’ve been there:

Here are some inspiring and reassuring quotes from those who found Massage and complimentary therapies to be an enormous source of help and relief while going through the toughest time in their life – the journey of cancer. All quotes are taken from a booklet about Complementary Therapies provided by Breast Cancer Care – a long-established cancer support charity based in the UK:

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Pricing, Location & Booking

All massage treatments with me cost :

  • €65 for 60 mins
  • €85 for 90 mins
  • Buy a course of any 4 treatments, get 5th FREE!

For your convenience you can pay by card (or cash of course!). Your first treatment will include a full consultation to ensure it meets your specific needs and you can relax and enjoy time just for YOU!


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Terms & Conditions

*Terms and Conditions of Course Voucher – BUY 4 GET 5TH FREE VOUCHER: 4x treatments must be pre-paid at full-price (€260 4x 60 mins or €340 4x 90 mins). All vouchers are valid for 3 calendar months from date of purchase. You can choose from ANY of the treatments on offer with me. Free 5th treatment can be claimed as a one-off treatment or the 60 mins can be added to another pre-paid treatment eg. Add 30 mins to 2x 60 min pre-paid treatments. Cancellation policy – at least 24 hours notice must be given if cancelling or amending your appointment or the relevant treatment voucher will be considered as redeemed and used.

***NB. Insurance claims are subject to the specific terms and conditions of your policy. I will provide accredited receipt after your treatment for you to make the claim directly from your insurer.