Wellness Workshops in Cork

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CHI BOOST & BALANCE WELLNESS WORKSHOP : Sat 26th Aug 10.30am-1.30pm @ Bru Columbanus, Wilton. Click here for map. Price: €30 / Early Bird €25 by 20th Aug!

TAI CHI, CHI KUNG, YOGA, MEDITATION, RELAXATION & more! Everybody Welcome – no experience necessary – price includes yummy refreshments! PRE-BOOKING ESSENTIAL – you can pay securely by card. To book your place call/text Michelle – 086 878 5212  Email: embodyharmony@gmail.com

I use combinations of the different mindful movement & meditation techniques shown below in my daily life to help ease, relax and unwind my body and mind as well as boost and balance my energy levels. All these techniques can improve your health, harmony & happiness and can ease and improve many conditions as such as stress / insomnia / anxiety / depression / poor digestion / emotional wellbeing / relaxation/ poor concentration / headaches / flexibility and mobility / postural balance.

During this workshop you will get to try:
– TAI CHI – flowing movements from ancient China, often called “moving meditation”
– CHI KUNG – warm up movements to release tension from the body and mind
– gentle YOGA – using a system that fully supports your back at all times. you’ll be stretching gently lying on your yoga mat
– MEDITATION & RELAXATION – my unique meditations take their inspiration from nature, the elements and daily life. These will be guided and either in a seated or lying position.
– SELF-MASSAGE – As a Massage therapist I know the importance of activating your body’s parasympathetic “rest & digest” self-soothing system. I’ll be showing you a short self-Indian Head massage to relax and energise you.
I look forward to sharing these wonderful relaxing and energising techniques with you! Michelle x


AROMATHERAPY FOR EVERYBODY! Sat 9th Sept 10.30am-1.30pm @ Bru Columbanus, Wilton. Click here for map.          

Price: €40 / Early Bird €35 by 31st Aug – includes oils and beauty samples worth €15 and Refreshments! Everybody Welcome – no experience necessary. PRE-BOOKING ESSENTIAL – you can pay securely by card. To book your place call/text Michelle – 086 878 5212  Email: embodyharmony@gmail.com

Join me to learn the amazing benefits of essential oils for your health, happiness and daily life. I’ve been a HUGE fan of essential oils for many years and use them every day when giving massage treatments, for health benefits and to lift my mood. And I always use beauty products that contain natural and organic ingredients plus good quality essential oils – such as those from NYR Organic – the UK’s award winning and pioneering natural health & beauty brand and for whom I am Cork city’s ONLY independent consultant.

During this workshop you will:
– Learn all about the benefits of essential oils for daily use and to ease conditions such as such as blocked sinuses / coughs and colds / skin complaints / insomnia / anxiety / stress / indigestion / emotional wellbeing / for relaxation & meditation/ to increase concentration / headaches etc.
– Create your own personalised oil blend and moisturiser to take home! Worth €15
– Enjoy a mini-meditation
– Learn about self-massage
– Try and have the chance to purchase NYR Organics products
I look forward to sharing all this with you at this fun and fabulous event! Michelle x

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